Stabilisers and emulsifier blends for food manufacturers

Calleva produces stabilisers and emulsifier blends for food manufacturers. Whatever your specific application we can help.

Calleva provide technical service and support from concept of your food or beverage through trials to full-scale production with confidentiality guaranteed.

Aglumix is supported by our own pilot plant and R&D laboratory in Bridgwater UK and the extensive resources of Silvateam Food Ingredients in the group R&D centre in Bergamo, Italy.

The joint-venture partnership between Calleva and Silvateam Food Ingredients ensures our capability can range from small to large-scale production.

We offer particular strength in Aglumix functional systems for ice cream, fruit-based and processed dairy products, sauces, dressings and condiments.

For details of how our stabiliser production and emulsifier blends can benefit your business, please talk to us.

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